PETUNIAS! Crazytunia! Supertunia! Easy Wave Petunia! What are they and how do they work!?

Updated: May 11, 2020

The petunia is native to North America and is grown as an annual. It belongs to the nightshade family and has brightly colored funnel-shaped flowers that bloom all summer long. The varieties are endless: single and double blooms, striped, veined or solid colors, mounding and cascading habits and some even have a fragrance. Most of the petunias grown today are hybrids which means they have been developed for a specific design purpose, such as edging, cascading from a hanging basket, a pot filler or as ground cover.


Containers and Garden Beds

Full Sun, Height: 7 – 10” & Spread: 8 – 12”

Mounded with shorter, more controlled structure.

E.g. Pretty Flora Midnight, Purple and White


Containers, Landscapes and Garden Beds

Full Sun, Height: 6 – 12” & Spread: 2.5 – 3.25”

E.g. Burgundy Star, Red Velour, White, Yellow, Red and Plum Vein


Landscapes and Large Planters

Full Sun, Height: 16 – 22” & Spread: 30 – 60”

Spreading upright mountain of colour in big gardens and large planters.

E.g. Purple and Red Velour


Containers and Landscapes

Full Sun & Part Sun, Height: 18 – 24” & Spread: 6 – 10”

Mounded. Prune to promote bushiness.

E.g. Blackberry Cheesecake



Full Sun & Part Sun, Height: 6 – 12” & Spread: 18 – 24”

Mixes easily in containers to allow other plants to weave through creating classic designs.

E.g. Bermuda Beach, Bordeaux, Raspberry Rush, Really Red, Royal Velvet and White


Ground cover or Extra-Large Container

Full Sun & Part Sun, Height: 12 – 24” & Spread: 24 – 36”

Mounding or Trailing – can easily fill an area three square feet.

E.g. Bubblegum, Fuchsia, Paradise and Silverberry


Containers and Landscapes

Full Sun & Part Sun, Height: 6 – 12” & Spread: 18 – 24”

Edge of border or accent in smaller spaces. Dense growth habit harder to mix with the other plants in container recipes but magnificent planted on their own in containers.

E.g. Mini Blue


Containers and Landscapes

Full Sun, Height: 3 – 6” & Spread: 10 – 12”

Fast growing, vigorous trailing habit.

E.g. Deep Red, Giant Purple, Patio Yellow, Purple Majesty, Sky Blue and White

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